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While it remains unknown whether he Twinks wrestling naked forced out or left of his own volition, it's difficult to ignore the firestorm that preceded naekd. New York Review of Books editor out after publishing Ghomeshi essay September 19, The top editor of the New York Review of Books has left the magazine less than a week after publishing a highly controversial essay by a former radio host accused of sexual assault.

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The spokesperson did not provide any wrewtling of what led to Buruma's departure. Even people who are supportive sometimes have expectations of how I will act based on a singular, sexualized identity that was repeated in media stories. In the essay, titled "Reflections from a Hashtag," Ghomeshi bemoaned his fall from grace as he sought to "inject nuance" into his story. Instead, it read like a thinly veiled attempt by Ghomeshi to resuscitate his career and relevance.